Internet Explorer End Of Life & Windows 8 End Of Life News

If you are running Internet Explorer 8 , 9 or 10 Microsoft will not support these after the 12th Jan and you need to make the move to Internet Explorer 11.

However if you are running Windows Vista you will get support however remember Windows Vista end of life support is April 2017 , that means there will be no more updates.

Even though you may have Internet Explorer and it is an integral part of Windows you should be using Google Chrome as your browser of choice.

Windows 8 – End Of Life

If you are still on Windows 8 not 8.1 you need to upgrade to 8.1 through the Windows Store for Windows 8 users as Microsoft will no longer supply updates to Windows 8 so you will be vulnerable as Windows XP users are.

You really should just make the move to Windows 10 if you are on Windows 8 as it is a much better operating system now.

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