If you have internet connection issues constantly and are turning your modem/router off constantly ( even once a week ) to get a connection back , I may have a solution for you.

It maybe time for a new one.

Yes you should check with your ISP if the line is ok but having to turn it on and off all the time could be a sign you need a new one.

I should also say that the average life of a modem/router appears to be about 2 years and remember these are just ” dumb ” computers.

You should also check for any updates to these by logging in and checking for any updates

4 Replies to “Internet issues – How Old Is Your Modem / Router”

  1. I have had my router/modem for about three years. Its a Telstra gateway TG797n v3 modem which has had many problems. I had the line fixed three weeks ago but after 7 days the internet went back to normal, slow, annoying connection. Time for a new router? The signal is also getting weaker.

  2. don’t seem to be having problems (yet) but is it a good idea to turn it off over night or when not in use anyway? It does seem to be ‘running hot’ (and yes it is 6 years old)

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