iOS9 Is Here For iPhones & iPads – What Are The Key Features

iOS 9 was released this morning 

Lots of changes in Apples operating system for portable devices and this time the download is only 1.3GB.

So what are the key new features

Low Power Mode

This  setting that can be activated at any time to extend your iPhone or iPad’s battery life. 

Low Power Mode will disable things like background app refresh, automatic downloads and mail fetch in order to extend battery life as much as possible. You will be reminded when a device’s remaining charge reaches 20% and then 10% to provide quick access to Low Power Mode, and it can also be enabled at any time in Settings > Battery.

A Back Button

In the top-left corner of the screen you will see anytime you jump from one app to another. So for example, if you click a link in an email that opens a web page in Safari, you’ll see a back button appear in the corner that will take you back to Mail.


You can see when shift is activated on your keyboard because the letters on the keyboard finally switch better lower case and upper case.


Siri becomes proactive, providing users with key information and helpful suggestions before they even ask.

Siri can also handle a much wider range of queries and requests.

Split View

For iPad users we now have split view which allows you to open two apps at a time, side by side.

There’s also Slide Over that lets you open an app in one-third of the screen to interact with it quickly and then close it back to the background.

Picture in Picture

There’s one more great iPad-only feature in iOS 9 you need to know about, and it also only works on newer iPads.

With iOS 9, you can continue watching a video or using FaceTime while in another app by enabling this nifty feature. As is the case when you active picture in picture on a TV, the second picture is minimized to a tiny box so it doesn’t block the other app you’re using.


Notes has been completely overhauled with lots of new functionality. Photos can be taken from within the app and you can add text,  draw and sketch in the Notes app., and you can even quickly and easily turn any list into a checklist.

Also great is the Notes app’s new share  sheet, which lets you embed websites, photos, maps and more in a Note without ever leaving the app you’re in.

Below are 2 reviews of IOS 9 from iMore and The Verge

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