iPad Air 2 – My Thoughts After Using

I have had my iPad Air 2 since yesterday and as a heavy user of the iPad here are a few quick thoughts.

  • You notice how thin it is and the weight straight away and owners of older generations of iPads will definitely notice the difference.
  • It is quick , blazingly quick 
  • As a user of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 plus , love the fact that the touch id is now on the iPad Air 2 
  • Wifi has been beefed up so that the difference between this and previous generations is very noticeable when  downloading or accessing online content ( remember this will be based on your internet connection )
  • The screen is great with a noticeable difference between the iPad Air 2 and previous models and from other makers when using outside 

Should You Upgrade Or Buy One

  • If you have a first generation or an iPad that is more than 2 years old you will notice the difference in speed , weight , screen.
  • For owners of last years iPad Air it is the incremental upgrade with a better camera ( the same as the iPhone 6 ) , lighter , thinner 


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