iPad – iPhone Issues – What To Do

So you are having issues with your iPhone or iPad or both.

  • Apps not working or updating 
  • Syncing issues 
  • Feeling slow

Here are a few basic steps to go through.

  1. Make sure iTunes is updated
  2. Make sure your device (iPad or iPhone) is running the latest iOS – you will see this when you sync with your computer or check in Settings – software update
  3. Conduct a hard reset on the device – keep fingers on power button and home button and leave them there till you see the Apple logo appear then let go – do not release them when you see the turn off symbol
  4. Reinstall the operating system – this will wipe your device , reload your settings and apps , then reinstall your operating system (iOS) on your device – this is done when you sync with your computer – back it up first though!

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