iPhone 6S – 3D Touch – Peek & Pop

Apple announced “the next generation of Multi-Touch”: 3D Touch at their recent event.

The feature is part of the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S plus which is released on friday the 26th Sept.

The feature is a version of the pressure-sensitive Force Touch feature that Apple introduced with the Apple Watch and then incorporated into the trackpads of its latest MacBooks.

3D Touch will sense familiar gestures like taps, swipes, and pinches, but is also able to determine the depth of a press.

That enables new gestures which Apple calls Peek and Pop that give you a new way of interacting with your iPhone and the apps on it.

For example if you are sent an email with an address in it a ‘light touch” on the address will give you a “peek” at the map but a more solid push / tap now will allow the map to “pop” into view.

Another example is if you are sent the link to a website , you can press lightly to “Peek” at the page without leaving the screen that you’re on, and the top of the page will appear like it would in Safari.  If you want to open the full page in Safari,  just press more deeply to “Pop” into it.

When it comes to photos , Apple’s new 3D Touch gestures will enable you to view the photos you’ve taken while you’re still taking new images.

Just press lightly on the thumbnail image at the lower left corner of the Camera app to “Peek “into a photo, or press deeper to “Pop” into a photo and share, edit, favourite, or delete the image.


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