Is It Time To Move To Windows 10 ?

I am asked whether it is time to make the move to Windows 10 all the time.

Remember you have until July 29th 2016 to upgrade at NO COST , after that date you will have to pay to upgrade your operating system.

So if you have a computer running Windows 7 , 8 , 8.1 should you install the upgrade.

In most cases – yes is the answer.

However here are the caveats to that statement.

  • Do you have programs that will be incompatible with Windows 10 – check with the software makers website to see if they have any issues.
  • Do you have registry cleaners , free programs ( PC cleaners , speed up my PC etc ) – these need to be uninstalled before you upgrade as they basically don’t work and will in many cases stop the upgrade.
  • Uninstall your commercial antivirus before you upgrade and then reinstall after the upgrade.
  • If you have bad sectors on your hard drive it may not install and you may need a new hard drive 
  • Upgrading to Windows 10 is not a cure for your current issues , if you have malware issues you are just packaging them up and moving them , they need to be addressed before upgrading.

Remember to do a backup before you upgrade in case things go wrong.

If you would like to stop the upgrade and reminders to go to Windows 10 checkout this article 

How To Stop Windows 7 , 8 . 8.1 From Upgrading To Windows 10

2 thoughts on “Is It Time To Move To Windows 10 ?

  1. Richard, i upgraded to Win10 on both laptop and desktop a week ago, had a few issues but now sorted. However, today a workmate told me that i should not have, that microsoft will wait for most people to upgrade and then start charging for updates. This is why they are pushing win10 so hard. Is there any truth to this that you are aware of? Thanks.

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