Is The Microsoft Surface RT A Good Deal Now The Price Has Gone Down ?

I bought a Microsoft Surface RT and had it on day 1 of release as i wanted the first computer that Microsoft had made. 

It has come into great criticism over that time and I believe Microsoft marketing did an average job at best at defining a market for the Surface and explaining the whole Windows RT v Windows 8 scenario.

So what is the Surface good for: 

It has a full version of Office 2013 and with the upcoming Windows 8.1 update also Outlook for email.

That means you get: 

  • Word
  • Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • One Note
  • and with Windows 8.1 , Outlook

You can store all your documents etc on an external hard drive or on Microsoft Skydrive. Remember this is a tablet / computer is designed for portability.  

You can view movies , look at photos  and it has a USB port.

It is a locked down operating system which means you cannot install just any piece of software on the Surface RT as software has to come from the Windows store only, which means you cannot install software such as iTunes. 

Locked down also means the chance of infection from virus / malware is quiet remote. 

Now for sale at $389 it is a bargain , it may not be for everyone , but it is a good deal 

More details on Surface can be found here. Surface By Microsoft

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