It’s iOS11 Day


Sept 19th is iOS 11 day when the new operating system for iPhones & iPads can be downloaded.

So what do you need to do?

First make sure your device will take iOS 11 , the following list will not be eligible :

  • iPhone 5
    iPhone 5C
    iPad (3rd Generation)
    iPad (4th Generation)

Make sure you have backed your device up to either iCloud ( my preferred choice ) or a computer.

When iOS 11 becomes available to will be mentioned on your device in settings.

There are numerous new features for iOS 11 but one that will get a lot of publicity is the ” Do Not Disturb While Driving

So how do you set it up :

Tap Do Not Disturb – in Settings
Choose Do Not Disturb While Driving

This means that you will receive no calls , messages while you are driving.

You can even send a message to people automatically that will tell them you are currently driving and that that is why you cannot answer the phone.

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More details can be found here:

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