Its iOS7 Day – Tips , Information & Help – Updated

Apple have released iOS7 the successor to iOS6 the operating system for iPhones , iPads and selected iPods.

My biggest tip is that you will need to make sure you have backed up your device to either iCloud or to your computer through iTunes before you begin. 

You will also need sufficient room on your iPad or iPhone to download and install the update and this may mean deleting some , apps , books , photos to get the space.

The download is nearly 900mb for the iPad , 750mb for the iPhone but the space need to install is 3.5GB .

You can find out how much room you have on your device by going to Settings, About , Available, 

You can update through the device ( general , about , software update ) but make sure it is plugged in so it has power going to it  

You can also update through iTunes by plugging it in , opening iTunes , letting it back up then select the “update ” tab through the summary page. 

There are some issues with certain apps which is to be expected. 

Here are some links to help. 

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