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Facebook Privacy Notice 

There are a new rush of Facebook privacy notices appearing that will do absolutely nothing to protect anything you do on Facebook

Checkout this article : That Facebook Privacy Notice 

Here is how to configure your privacy on Facebook : Privacy Basics

Smartphone & Tablet Use By Children

In 2013 the US Department of Health recommended that children under two years of age should not be in front of a screen at all, and over that age the maximum leisure screen time should be no more than two hours a day.

  • Everything in moderation 
  • I have seen children interviewed saying they use them for 4 hours or more at a time – with their parents approval 
  • Back issues & neck issues , can develop with prolonged use
  • They are not a baby sitting device 

Internet Use By Children Over The Holidays 

I get calls from parents saying “what can I do as the children are on the internet all day “ 

  • There are routers available which can be configured to stop selected devices going on the internet at selected times during the day – Telstra Gateway Max 
  • Take the router with you when you leave the house
  • Open DNS – a free and a paid service that can restrict what your children can visit on the internet 
  • Have the computer for the home in a common area of the home 

Its about having that conversation with your children about the internet and its dangers , setting boundaries about what happens in your own home

iView Issues

The ABC have changed the security for streaming iView which makes it incompatible with some devices and TVs after the 1st Nov 

Devices not affected:

  • Laptop/Desktop users accessing the iview website
  • HBBtv devices (i.e. televisions and set top boxes using Freeview Plus)
  • Android Devices/ Sony Playstation 3 / Fetch TV set-top boxes
  • Apple iOS devices (iPads and iPhones) that have installed or updated iView after June 2012
  • Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players/ Western Digital TV Live Plus, Western Digital TV Live Hub media centres

Devices that may be affected:

  • Apple iPads that installed the iview app prior to June 2012 (and have not been updated since)
  • Sony Bravia TVs, Blu-ray players/ LG TVs, Blu-ray players, 
  • Panasonic TVs , Blu-ray players/ Humax set-top boxes/ Topfield set-top boxes/ Microsoft Xbox 360

Will this be fixed?

  • Only if the manufacturer supplies an update – don’t hold your breath 


  • Hard drives do not last forever
  • USB Flash drives do not last forever
  • SD cards do not last forever.
  • CDs & DVDS – ( home burned ones ) may not last forever

Have a backup strategy for all these devices 

If you do not have 3 copies of a document you don’t have a copy

For example

  • A copy on your computer
  • A Copy on external media – external hard drive – CD – DVD
  • A copy on the internet 

Have All Your Photos That You Take On Your Phone Or Tablet Backed Up Online ?

By installing the apps or just one of the apps below you can have a copy of your photos uploaded to the internet , look for the app in the iOS App store or in the Google Play Store 

Remember you will need an account with these providers 

•    One Drive
•    Google Plus 
•    Dropbox 
•    iCloud – you need to turn this on through your device 

Crap App Of The Week

Got Juice

A rather vague battery app for the iPhone that like a dead clock is right twice a day 

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