Keep Your Information Protected

According to the Australian government we are in the midst of a cyber attack from another country that they say is from a state based actor – I don’t think its Geoffrey Rush by the way.

So what can we do to stay protected in our homes and businesses.

Keep everything updated

  • Your OS on your computers and devices – smartphones , tablets – Windows updates , Android updates , App updates
  • Your software on your devices – Office , PDF software , Adobe products
  • If you are running Windows 7 or older it is time to upgrade or buy a new computer

Check all emails and be suspicious – look where they have come from and turn on junk email filtering

Have good passwords – consider a password manager – make sure you have no visible words in a password EG: crows 1997 port 2004 are not great passwords but 19Cro97ws! is better – consider a password phrase

Turn on – activate 2 factor authentication on all your accounts – Google , Apple , Microsoft – give them your mobile phone number so if someone guesses your password , you will get a number that they need to actually gain access to your account.

If you need assistance to stay protected , please Contact Me

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