Last Minute Christmas Technology Ideas

App Of The Week

Apple – 12 Days Of Gifts

  • Great giveaway by Apple
  • Get free tv shows , music , movies etc

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Phillips Hue 

  • $249.95 – Create your personal wireless lighting environment with the Philips Hue connected bulbs and wireless bridge. And control it all with your iPhone or iPad from wherever you are. You can connect up to 50 Hue light bulbs to a single system, while using as much as 80% less energy than traditional bulbs.

Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion – Belkin WeMo Switch

  • $69 – $119.95 – Remote control light and power switches that you can control form your iPad and iPhone

Some Examples:

  • Turn on lights when you want
  • Turn on before you get home
  • Motion sensor can be used for example when a toddler gets out of bed it will turn on the light in the parents room
  • Turn on the airconditioner when it reaches a certain temperature

Ollo Clip

  • Camera lens that goes on your iPhone camera , works really well on the new iPhone 5s Gives you a fish eye , macro and wide angle lens $89.95 and there is the Ollo Clip app on the app store

Jawbone Wireless Speaker

  • Really small great sound $359.00 Great base , built in microphone and a 8 hour battery life

Ultimate Ears Boom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • $199.95 15 hours battery life , hook 2 up together and control all the sound from your iPad , iPhone

Parrot Zik Wireless headphones 

  • $499.95 – Noise cancelling – 98% of all background noise
  • Beautifully designed
  • When you’re listening via Bluetooth, simply swipe up and down to increase and decrease volume, and forward and back to conveniently skip tracks. Also, a head-detection sensor automatically senses when you’re wearing the headphones and when you’re not. When you put the headphones around your neck, the music pauses and your call is switched directly to your mobile device. When you put the headphones back on, your music resumes. Unique listening quality

Author: Adelaide Techguy

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