Learn About Phishing And Its Dangers

Phishing is often carried out over email — although the scam has now spread beyond suspicious emails to phone calls (so-called “vishing”), social media, SMS messaging services (aka “smishing”), and apps — a basic phishing attack attempts to trick the target into doing what the scammer wants. 

Exactly what the scammer wants can vary wildly between attacks. It might be handing over passwords to make it easier to hack a company or person, or sending payments to fraudsters instead of the correct account. This information is often stolen by making requests that look entirely legitimate — like an email from your boss, so you don’t think twice about doing what is asked.

Here is a great article that will assist you and educate you about phishing and its dangers and simple steps to take to prevent you being a victim.

ZD Net – What is phishing? Everything you need to know to protect yourself from scammers

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