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Login To Your Router – What Is The Crap App Of The Week

Home routers give access to the internet via an ADSL connection or a cable connection to a home network.

Then with a wifi router you can get on the internet and share your internet connection between devices such as your computer , tablet and smartphone.

However the question I am constantly asked is , how do i login to the router ?

  • You need to open up a blank web page
  • Then you need to key in the routers address

In the example here I have used the Netgear login of

You will then need to have the user name and password for your router

You can find this information if you don’t have it at Default Router Passwords

If you have not changed anything it will be a standard default ( you really should change this )

If you are after your router login address , more often you can find it on the bottom of your router

If you cannot find the log on , just Google it , for example ” What is the login for a belkin router “

Once inside the router you can change many settings or activate wireless security.

Crap App Of The Week


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