Maximise Your Online Experience Connection

With the lockdown we are experiencing currently we are doing and participating in more things online.

So how do we make sure that when we are looking at a Facebook Live event or participating in a Zoom Meeting or talking to someone on Skype that we will experience the best internet connection possible so that we can watch and also be seen in the best possible way.

Here are 4 tips

Number 1

Restart your router on a regular basis – turn it off – leave it off for 5 minutes then turn it back on again.This means you will have a nice “fresh ” connection.

Number 2

Restart your computer or device that you will be using and only open what you will need for the ” online ” platform ( eg: Facebook , Zoom or Skype )

Number 3

Don’t check emails , browse the internet , have Netflix going or be downloading anything as this will interfere with your connection while participating .

Number 4

If you have other people who are sharing your internet connection you might want them to find something else to do while you are online.This will give you the quickest possible connection.

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