Every year i am asked for my top tech tips – this is my collection from this year.S

  1. Most antivirus solutions will not save you –Remember it’s your actions that count – by the way – antivirus solutions on phone / tablets rarely mix
  2. Stop putting in random passwords that you think will work – know your passwords –use a password manager – use a book – know how to reset them 
  3. Keep everything up to date – computers , smartphones , tablets , software
  4. Give companies your mobile phone number for 2 factor authentication – it will keep you protected
  5. Backup– you don’t have a copy of a document unless you have 3 copies
  6. Embrace the cloud – the easiest way to backup and access your documents – especially if disaster strikes
  7. Make the move to Windows 10 if you are on Windows 7 or 8 – it is very good , secure and stable
  8. Ram is the key to an older computer sometimes , Windows or Apple – you need 8GB
  9. Keep your apps up to date – iPhone or Android
  10. Look for cross platform software that you can use on all devices – computers ,tablets , smartphones , apple , windows

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