Questions I Am Asked About the NBN

Will switching to the NBN be quicker than my current connection ?

In the majority of cases , depending on the plan you choose and the provider yes. One thing that will definitely improve is the upload speed.

How do I know when the NBN is coming to my suburb ?

You will be letter-boxed and representatives will knock on your door or go to the NBN website to get the date.

What happens to my phone line and phone number ?

To be sure you keep your phone number, ask your service provider to confirm that they will keep your phone number when you transfer your service over to the nbn™ network.

However with some providers they are under no obligation to do this.

What happens during a power failure ?

You will lose your phone line and internet access so consider a UPS which may help for a while until the power comes back on. – NBN advice on power outages

Which plan should I choose ?

Not the cheapest or the slowest as you may notice little difference from your current setup and remember not all telcos are created equal.

I would avoid the 12/1 mbps plan which is on offer from some telcos , this is for home owners that just want their landline and in many cases will be slower than ADSL.

Will I get the speed that is advertised ?

Depends on the telco you choose , the plan you are on .

When suburbs are changing over to the NBN you may not get the promised speed until the suburb has been transitioned.

I am changing providers can I keep my email address from my current provider ?

In most cases no you cannot keep it but some providers will let you if you pay a fee

I have an issue with my connection , who do I complain to ?

Your provider first , but have a look at this page on the NBN website – NBN Connection Issues

What are the obligations of your telco ?

ACMA rules will require telcos to:

  • Conduct a line test to check their customer’s new NBN service is working after installation
  • Verify that any existing copper line used to connect a customer to their new NBN service is capable of delivering the maximum data speed specified in their chosen plan
  • Offer an interim service or make another acceptable arrangement to customers where their new NBN service is not working and can’t be fixed within three days.

Can I complain to the NBN ?

Yes you can , but first work through the process with your internet provider – NBN Complaints

Will I need new equipment ?

In some cases if you have an old router – yes – talk to your provider or buy a new one

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