Need An Internet Connection – HotSpot

Sometimes you just need an internet connection for a tablet or your computer. Especially if your connection is down at your home or office.

So why not enable the hotspot feature on your smartphone and use some data.

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots are useful in many situations, too – such as not using public wi-fi or say a hotels wi-fi.

With many plans on telcos networks you can get plenty of data and for some people this can adequately cope or be a viable alternative to an internet connection.

However remember if you stream tv shows and movies at home and want to rely on your mobile hotspot you will chew up vast amounts of data that could push you over your limit eg:Netflix about 1GB an hour

Radio however uses very little data – 20 – 25mb per hour

So how do you hotspot your mobile phone?

iPhone Instructions

Android Instructions

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