New Year Tech Resolutions & A Great App From South Australia

New Year Tech Resolutions

A new year is time for some change so lets embrace some technology resolutions for 2014 

I will realise the importance of keeping my computer up to date 

  • Windows update is your first line of defence against getting malware / virus

I will not pay for or download bogus software that they claim will perform miracles and revive their computer 

There are many so called “ free “ solutions which will only cause issues – don’t download these 

  • Optimiser Pro
  • Reg Clean 
  • Winzip Utilities – Registry Optimiser

I will not talk to bogus telemarketers telling me there is a problem with my computer 

  • Microsoft do not ring anyone and tell them there is an issue with their computer

I will treat with great suspicion emails and links in emails

  • If it looks like it was not meant for me it probably wasn’t 

I will learn to back up so when disaster strikes I do not lose everything 

You do not have a copy of something unless you have 3 copies 

  • One on your computer
  • One on removable media – dvd , flash drives , portable hard drives 
  • One in the cloud 

I will embrace and learn about the cloud

App Of The Week

Lifetime In My Pocket – create a video timeline of events in your life , your family and then share with your friends 

Lifetime allows your kids’ photos to be automatically sorted by age, so you can quickly and easily see them when they were 2 years 5 months old, or 6 years 1 month… from birth right through to today. When you import or take photos you have the option of lining up the eyes in exactly the same place each time using simple positioning points, which might seem kind of odd, until you hit ‘generate Lifetime Video’, and the app creates a gorgeous video slide show of your child growing up.
Of course, Lifetime can also be used to create timeline recordings of wedding, parties, renovations, you name it. Anything with a time element.

This is made by 2 guys from South Australia 


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