Dodgy Email Of The Week

This weeks dodgy email is supposed to be from paypal telling me that my account has been closed and encouraging me to click the links given and give over my personal information. This is a bogus email that should just be deleted as paypal do not send you these emails and Gmail has been good at picking up the email and flagging it as suspect.

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How Do I Find My Duplicate Files?

We all have lots of files on our computers and sometimes we have lots of the same files – duplicates.

Well here are 3 software solutions that will scan your computer and look for duplicate files , but be warned that you need to read the instructions before running the software.

Duplicate Cleaner 

Duplicate Cleaner

Exact Duplicate Finder

Exact Duplicate Finder

Clone Spy

Clone Spy


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Accidentally Deleted A File And You Would Like It Back


So you have accidentally deleted a file from your computer and you would like to get it back.

Then try Recuva , software from  Piriform.

Recuva will scan your system and attempt to recover the file that you have deleted from your Windows computer , MP3 , recycle bin , didgital camera card.

Best of all it's free.

Here is a review of Recuva from Tekzilla

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There Is A Whole New Look To Gmail

Gmail has released a new look for its email client. You can learn all about it here. Official Gmail Blog The main changes are: Emails are more like a conversation now with a much improved interface Gmail offers you the choices so you can control how ” tight ” emails look which means you can adjust the spacing in-between the emails , great for people with large monitors New themes , personally themes dont really bother me You can now hide the chat section on the left hand side Search was always good but now it has been improved with additional filter options , from , to , subject , has the words , doesn’t have  Gmail looks much better now , cleaner in fact Finally my least favourite is the fact I can upload a profile picture and edit it

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How Do I Get My Current Email To Go To Gmail

So you have a gmail account now and want your current emails to go to gmail , what do you do? If you have a current email address such as you need to log on to your internet service provider and change your settings so that your email which goes to your current address is now forwarded to your email address. You will need to look for the email forward option. You can also get gmail to check your current email addresses with the ” Check mail using pop3 option” This can be found under mail settings then go to “Accounts and import” Then go to ” Check mail using pop3 option” Fill in your details and gmail will get your email from your isp. This can be especially handy until all know your new gmail address.

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Remove On Behalf Of When Sending Email Through Gmail

So you have a Gmail address and you have a domain address as well and you want to send your domain email address without the " on behalf of " message that recipients see when sending emails through Gmail.

Gmail does allow you to use your own domain to send messages but it means delving into the settings in Gmail.

Open the settings section in Gmail which is in the top right hand side of Gmail

Gmail settings tab

Now click on the accounts tab so you can see the email addresses associated with your account

Gmail accounts tab

Now you will see you email addresses in the Send mail as section

Send mail as in Gmail
Click on the edit info for the domain email address

Edit email address Gmail

Then click on next step

Edit email address gmail second stepChoose send through SMTP servers

You will need to contact your domain host to get the correct SMTP server information and explain to them what you are trying to do.

This information will vary depending on your domain name host

You will have a choice of 3 ports to use , choose the one that works for you, and enter your domain password ( not your Gmail password) as your emails are being relayed through your domain host.

Once you have clicked on save changes it will test what you have entered and if it is incorrect will give you a message that it is taking Gmail too long to respond or that the user name /password is incorrect. That means you have not entered the correct information. 

SMTP error Gmail

Once you have entered the correct settings in the accounts section you will see the following

Smtp sending email through Gmail

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Route Your Current E Mail Provider Through Gmail

Sign up for a Gmail account 

Setup your Gmail account on your current computer and make it an IMAP account

Here are the instructions from Google depending on the email client ( eg outlook,windows live mail,apple mail) you currently use.

E Mail setup instructions for G Mail 

Pay particular attention to the advanced settings for the ports 

Redirect your current email to Gmail through your isp

This means logging onto for example Bigpond or Adam and redirecting your email address to your Gmail address

You will now have 2 email accounts on your computer your current one and your Gmail

Setup your Gmail account to match the folders for your current account , folders are labels in Gmail

When this is done , go to the folders in your current email account select all the emails in the folder ( ctrlA) and drag them to the corresponding label ( folder ) in Gmail

You can also highlight them all and ( Ctrl C ) and copy them to the label

You will then have moved all your emails to Gmail


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