Windows Or Mac You Should Be Using Google Chrome

The new version of Google Chrome Version 17 which is the best version they have released yet. It will pre render pages as you type in the url so that the site appears to come up quicker than before. It is also more secure as it will scan . exe files ( executable) to see whether it is malicious . With a Google account you can also log in and then your bookmarks will be automatically synched across computers that you use Google Chrome on. This should be your Internet Browser of choice currently with Firefox the next choice and if on Windows , Internet Explorer

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What You Need If Disaster Strikes

If the worst happens and your computer crashes , what do you need to get everything back up and running quickly. One A Backup , preferably of your user profile on your computer. You get this by opening up your hard drive on your computer , say the ” C ” drive Then find your ” user name ” which will either be visible straight away or in ” documents and settings” This contains all the relevant files , including application settings , documents , music and photos. Two Your software for that computer. You will need your copy of Office for example and any other discs or downloaded software you need , along with installation keys. You should keep this say in a box so that it is easy to lay your hands on. Three If your computer has a built in format and reload the operating system function , make sure you know how to access it. This is usually acheived by a combination of keys such as alt F11 being pressed when the computer is restarting. Knowledge of these three can get you up and running reasonably quickly.

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Why You Should See File Extensions In Windows

By default when you install Windows you are unable to see file extensions and many people fail to rectify this.

Why would you want to do this:

To differentiate between different file types , bmp , jpeg , doc etc

To know when a file is an . exe , this is where you should be the most wary of running these unknown files , especially if someone has emailed it to you or you have received it from someone.

So how do you do this.

1. Click Start
2. Select Control Panel
3. Select Classic View
4. Double-click Folder Options
5. Click the View Tab
6. Uncheck Hide Extensions for Known File Types
7. Click Apply button (at the bottom of the window)
8. Click Apply to Folders button (at the top of the window)
9. Click OK

windows file  extensions

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Find My iPhone With iCloud

One of the best features of MobileMe is the find my iPhone and find my iPad feature.

This is one of the best features and reasons to get MobileMe ( cost $119).
When you log into your MobileMe account there is now a " find my iPhone " icon.

MobileMe log on panel find my iPhone
When you click on the icon the following will show so you can see a map of where your phone is.
Find my iPhone address

 You are also able to send a message to your phone if you say ,left it at work , saying you will be back to pick it up , which will appear on your phone screen.
You can also activate a sound to play so if you drop it in your house , under a bed etc , you are able to get your phone to play a sound , even if it is on silent so you can locate your phone.
If the worst happens and you are not able to get your iPhone back ( if it was stolen ) you are able to wipe all settings , numbers , and information from your phone.
So what else do you get with MobileMe.

  • 20Gb of storage
  • Mail Account
  • Cross Syncing of mail , contacts , calender , across multiple computers ( and is cross platform Apple and Windows )

But to my mind the best feature is now " find my iPhone "


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Windows Media Player & Ripping CDs

Cd The default when ripping CDs for Windows Media Player is WMA ( Windows Media Audio ) which is fine if you are only going to play it with Windows Media Player , however supposed you want to play your WMA files in iTunes.
Well when you try and open the files in iTunes it will convert them to AAC so you can play them in iTunes.

A longer process.
What you should do is change the default's in Windows Media Player to MP3 so you can play them in iTunes and while you are adjusting the preferences increase the audio quality to at least 192kps.

This will result in a larger file , however for audiophiles , a clearer sound .

Looking for more information check out this article at 7 Tutorials on How to Rip Cds in Windows Media 12

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Looking To Sell Your Gadgets

If you are looking to sell your: Mobile Phone Camera Gaming Console MP3 Player Tablet PDA Then try Regadget  You can get a quote for your product or if it is not on the site ask for a custom quote. You then sign up for an account  Add your gadget to your account  They the send you a mailing bag ( they pay for the postage) You send the item to Regadget , they inspect it The money is then deposited to your bank account If you are looking to sell just your mobile phone you could also try Mazuma Mobile Works in a similar way to Regadget  Get a quote for your phone Open an account They will send you a freepost bag Send them the phone You will receive a cheque within 48 hours I have used Mazuma Mobile and I must say the process went smoothly with my cheque arriving in the designated time. 

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What Is iCloud & Where Do I Go For Help

I am still asked the question , what is iCloud? iCloud is Apples backup service for your iOS devices and your computer. You can sync your: Photos, music, videos and eBooks purchased from Apple Music in iTunes that you have obtained from other sources, such as MP3s ripped from CDs Calendars, e-mail and contacts Documents produced on any iDevice or computer, sometimes including PCs Pushing mobile app purchases to all iDevices Backing up data from mobile apps Locating a lost iDevice or finding friends with Apple devices on a map However sometimes you may have questions about a particular aspect of iCloud here are some links that will help. Ultimate iCloud Guide Apple iCloud Setup Gizmodo iCloud Guide Lifehacker iCloud Guide

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A Few Scanning Tips

A lot of people have scanners but the question I am always asked is about the seetings that should be used. So what settings do you use for scanning various items when using your scanner. Images for the web , website or an application such as powerpoint – 72dpi Scanning for an inkjet printer 200dpi Scanning for professional printing such as a brochure – anywhere from 300dpi up to 1200dpi Colour photographs should be scanned at 24bit color not at 8bit or 256 colours as they may come out blotchy The other setting to look out for is ,scan to , where you can say scan a page of text and send it to a word document for editing. This uses OCR , optical character recognition. The better the quality of the scan and the software will mean less editing to be done. Looking for more information then try this website A Few Scanning Tips

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