What Do I Have On My iPad?

One of the appealing aspects of the iPad is what apps have you bought to perform the tasks that you need from your iPad.

The following are my top apps for getting work done and for using my iPad:

  • Pages , for editing and creating word documents
  • Numbers , for editing and creating excel 
  • Todo Pro , the premium to do list organiser and for devotees of "Getting Things Done"
  • File Viewer , for transferring PDFs that I dont want to appear in iBooks
  • Dropbox , for access to all my files synced with Dropbox on my computer , allows you to also download and save files on your iPad.
  • Big Calculator , everyone needs a big calculator
  • Dictionary , for when you are stuck for a word
  • Evernote , the best note taking application that can be synced with your phone and computer 

I currently have 76 apps on my iPad but the ones I have listed are all designed to help me in my job.

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Beware Of Toolbars Being Installed In Internet Browsers

I recently had reason to update my Adobe Shockwave Player and when installing it asked whether I would like to install a Free Norton Security Scan.

Norton - shockwave

My strong advise is , with all these additions to downloads that you can be offered , is to say NO.

Do not put the tick in that box.

There are many online virus scanners that will not intrude on your system and to install one with another piece of software is fraught with danger.

Browser Toolbars

Now for toolbars

I have seen many systems with multiple toolbars installed on them , some examples are:

  • Ask
  • Google
  • Yahoo
  • My Search
  • Windows Live
  • Alexa
  • Ask Jeeves

My strong advice is don't install these toolbars , they will slow your system down and some toolbars are linked with rootkits and spyware ( not the one's listed above ) 


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Networking Issues , Ideas and Solutions


Having networking issues ?

Just remember that up until a few years ago you had to have undergone a university course to have a grasp of the complexities of networks and networking.
There is a great site that can solve and explain a lot of the issues.
Practically Networked
The Troubleshooting and Tutorials section dispenses gives good advice at solving a lot of issues.

One of the biggest tips for networking windows computers is ensuring they are all in the same workgroup name.

Windows XP always had MsHome as there workgroup name but Windows Vista and Windows 7 has " workgroup"

Changing the Workgroup name in Windows XP will allow the networking and sharing of files.

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The iPhone4s – Out On October 14th

The new iPhone4S was announced overnight and the BBC have posted hands on vision of the new phone. Apart from the new voice control it appears to be a bit underwhelming at the moment. It has a better camera with an 8MP camera and 1080p video and a new A5 1Ghz Dual Core Processor, therefore its quicker and takes better photos. The iPhone4s also has a new voice control called “siri” Want to know more about the iPhone 4s , check out the official link All About The Apple iPhone 4S So would I recommend the new iPhone? If you are still on a iPhone3 or iPhone3G , you will notice a huge difference by upgrading. If you are on the iPhone4 then wait till iPhone5 , dont upgrade , waste of money. Not using an iPhone , then unless you have a Samsung Galaxy SII ( probably the best… Read More

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How To Open Docx Files If Using Office 2003

Docx-file-viewer If you have not made the switch to Office 2007 from earlier version's and you receive documents that you cannot open ( such as doc x ) you will need the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word , Excel & PowerPoint 2007 File Formats.
As usual make sure you read the instructions before installing.

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How To Uninstall Programs From Windows

The question I am asked  quiet a lot is , How do I uninstall programs in Windows Windows XP Go to control panel , add remove programs , open , and click on the program you want to uninstall which will highlite it then click on the remove tab to the right. Then follow any instructions to uninstall and after it has uninstalled , dont forget to reboot. Windows 7  & Windows Vista Go to control panel , programs , open , and click on the program you want to uninstall ,highlite the program and you will see uninstall at the top of the page Just click on uninstall and the program will enter the uninstall mode Then just follow the instructions. Dont forget to reboot after uninstalling

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What Is A Broadband Connection And Look At Your Plan?

I have been seeing a lot of people lately saying their connection is quiet slow. If you are on a wireless usb connection with certain internet providers ( Vodaphone , Virgin to name just a couple) you will indeed have slow internet and is no match for a ADSL2 connection which comes through your phone line. If you want a Mobile Broadband solution I currently recommend the mobile solutions from Telstra for speed and reliablity. However there are certain internet providers that do not notify you if you can swap plans to a faster speed when you are on a ADSL connection. Check what plan you are on. There are some providers that still have people on a 256k to 64k plan and claim this is broadband. This is not broadband and in most cases a simple contacting of your ISP can rectify this within the day and put you… Read More

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How To Remove Your Facebook Imported Contacts

I was asked to come on the midnight to dawn show on 5AA to explain how to remove imported contacts from Facebook. It should be noted that just importing contacts into Facebook from your email accounts should not be taken lightly. So how do you remove these contacts from Facebook. Go to your Facebook page on your computer. Click on Account in the top right hand corner Then – edit friends When the Friends page is open , click on Contacts on the top left hand side You will then see on the right hand side You then click on “remove all your imported contacts”

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