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Wise Words On Computers & Software

I was listening to a podcast ( Macbreak Weekly ) and Merlin Mann , writer , speaker & broadcaster made the following statement on computers and software.

"Software is just software , it's not magic

Software is telling a machine how to do something & machines are not smart.

People are kind of smart , but the machine is always right , and it's we that are wrong and the programs we make are imperfect and things change.

Nobody is completely current or completely safe."


iPad Review After 2 Weeks Use

I have now been using my iPad for well over a week now and have been amazed at the reaction from people who have seen it. 

Has my opinion changed since getting it , no , I really think that this device is a " game changer ".

Remember this is a device , don't think of it as a regular computer , it is like a big iphone , this is a device for "content consumption" not "content creation".

So here are the questions I get asked about the iPad

Writing On The iPad

You can write quiet well on it especially if you turn it to landscape mode then the keypad becomes a bit larger and the keyboard is comparable to the keyboard size of most netbooks ( why anyone would buy one of those is beyond me ) 

Battery Life

Battery life has truly surprised me as I am getting 2 days out of it with regular use before needing to recharge it. I have a wifi only and the 3G one according to reports uses more of the battery.

The Screen

The screen shows fingerprints as it is glossy but you dont really notice them when the iPad is on, as the brightness of the screen masks them and a quick wipe and they are gone.


Great device for showing photos and as with all Apple products the screen offers a far better representation of the color spectrum.


A great device for showing and listening to video and the speakers are surprisingly good


It is an instant on device just one press of the button and it starts ,there is no waiting as with a regular computer.Then just like the iPhone the apps start and load very quickly.


Extremely good for reading any sort of document / book and with the " pinch " you are able to zoom in on the screen.Great for people with eye issues.I have also used a Kindle and there is no comparison between the two devices.


Remember the iPad is also an iPod and we all know how good they are.

Calender / Contacts

Yes you can sync your calender / contacts with your respective application ( iCal , Outlook , Google)


You need to sync your documents back to itunes and your computer and print from there , not the ideal situation and Steve Jobs has promised that "it will come"


The app store for Australia only opened last Thursday with the iwork applications ( think office suite for those that do not use a mac ) still not available and I am presuming that come the 28th when the first orders in Australia go out then, those and even more apps will be available.

The apps that are there install and look extremely good.


As many will know flash is not compatible with the iPad. Have i missed it , no , there has been minimal times that the flash symbol appears and You Tube does support HTML5 and H.264 so you can still watch videos from You Tube on your iPad.


Will the iPad suit everyone , no.

It is not a normal computer , it is not a netbook.

It is a multi function device for your photo's , video , music , internet , calendar , gaming , email and a bit of writing.For me it represents the ideal portable device that goes with me everywhere and has replaced my diary and my portable laptop.

If you have used and like the iPhone you will like the iPad and if you get the chance to use it you will probably want one.


Gmail & IMAP Make Sure You Explain


I recently set up a Gmail account for a business and because they are running multiple computers I set them up with IMAP settings for their G Mail account.
The advantage of using IMAP is that you can check your mail from multiple computers and your email will always be in sync.
Your messages will stay on the server until you decide whether you will download them or not to your local hard drive.
However if you delete a message from one computer you will delete them from all computers.
Your mail accounts are now designed to be " mirror images " across all your computers.

Here is the Google explanation.

A two-way communication path (IMAP). Unlike with POP, your devices talk back to our servers and sync your changes automatically with IMAP. When you sign in to your Gmail account in a web browser, actions you've taken on your email client or mobile device (like putting a message in a 'work' folder) will also appear in Gmail (your message will already have a 'work' label on it). This all happens automatically once you set up IMAP, so you don't have to read or sort all your mail twice. This is really helpful when accessing Gmail from multiple devices.

point , well after setting up the account and explaining the above they
went into one computer deleted all their messages as they thought they
would have them on the other machines.

Apple-iOS-OSX Tips

Printing From A Mac To A Windows Networked Printer

I have updated this article now that Snow Leopard is out.

Cross network compatibility between Windows and Macs usually goes off without a hitch , however many appear to have problems when it comes to printing form a Mac to a Windows Networked printer.

Here is the solution that works for me given that I am using  Windows 7 and SnowLeopard.

Let me just state that if you are using the 64bit version of Windows this will not work and I have experimented since Snow Leopard was released to no avail.The 32bit version of Windows 7 works just fine.

Make sure you have shared the printers in Windows 7 and make sure they are one word names , for example I have a Kyocera FS1010 which I renamed Kyocera.

Now go to system preferences on your mac and open print and fax , then click the + button to add a printer.

You need to right click and go to " customise toolbar"

Drag the advanced icon to your toolbar.

Click done

Now click the advanced icon on the toolbar

A menu will now appear so choose windows

In the url field type your printers windows address


or smb://server/sharename

Workgroup is the network Windows workgroup name

Server is the name of the computer

Sharename is the shared Windows printers share name

Enter a name for your printer in the name field that you want to use for the Mac

Next find the right driver from the Print using drop down menu

Then click add

If there is no correct printer for you or the brand is not there , you will have to look at manually adding this to your Mac.

To see if this works open a document and go to print.

You will then be presented with a log in screen to your Windows computer

Enter your user name and password and click remember for your keychain.

If all has gone well , you should be printing

Remember also that a network connection between the 2 computers must be established before printing.

The same principle's will work with Vista.