Data Recovery , Ubuntu and The Blue Screen Of Death

I was asked the other day to recover data from a computer that had the dreaded " Blue Screen Of Death ". Now the first thing was trying to get past the "BSOD" by booting… Read more

Forward Delete On A Mac

One of the questions I am asked from new Apple users is how can I do forward delete on a Mac like I used to on my Windows machine. It's simple hold down the function… Read more

Wise Words On Computers & Software

I was listening to a podcast ( Macbreak Weekly ) and Merlin Mann , writer , speaker & broadcaster made the following statement on computers and software."Software is just software , it's not magicSoftware is… Read more

It’s iPad Day – First Thoughts

I had my iPad delivered today and the iPad is still scheduled for an Australian release date in late May but I had mine delivered through a usa based business. To give you some idea... Read more

Gmail – IMAP Make Sure You Explain

 I recently set up a Gmail account for a business and because they are running multiple computers I set them up with IMAP settings for their G Mail account.The advantage of using IMAP is that… Read more