So You Have Just Bought A New iPhone – How To Set It Up

So you have just bought a new iPhone and want to set it up and or transfer your information from your old iPhone or from your Android device to your new iPhone.

How do you do it ?

First make sure it has been backed up , my preference is to do it through iCloud.

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Been Attacked By A Magpie – Record It On Magpie Alert

It is magpie season and if you are attacked by a magpie why not consider sharing the information on the website , Magpie Alert.

You can record your attack , see what are the hot suburbs for attacks and pick up some information to help you not get attacked , hopefully .

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Should We Really Trust Ads On Facebook For Tech Product Recommendations

So you have seen an ad on facebook for a tech solution / product and think you may download it or buy it – well you really should think twice.

One of the latest examples that has returned is Mackeeper.

The ad features a photo of a knowledgable looking person that is supposedly a Mac expert

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