If You Have A GPS Will It Stop Working On April 7th

There appears to be an issue with in some cases , older GPS devices that many still have and rely upon. Come April 7th , it may stop working The problem stems from the fact GPS signals include a timestamp and part of the timestamp is a week number stored as ten binary bits. Ten bits allows it to store 1,024 weeks before it resets, which means the reset happens after roughly 20 years. On April 6 – April 7th, that reset happens, potentially causing GPS devices around the world to stop working. The good news is, existing GPS devices can be patched to avoid this being a problem. However, a patch being available depends on how old your device is and how reliable the company who sold it to you is for issuing software updates. If your device isn’t patched, then it will revert to an earlier period of… Read More

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