Need Help With Your Tech – I Am Back To Work

If you need to make an appointment please contact me as I am back at work now Details are on my contact page – Contact Me You can also send me a text at 0419829145 Read more

Its Holiday Time

I am on holidays ! I am heading off to Tasmania for a break and will be back on deck the 9th May If you would like to make an appointment, please send me a... Read more

Are You Concerned About Security?

So many people are concerned about the security of: Their Computer Their Accounts – Google , Microsoft , Apple , Facebook Their Smartphone and Tablet You can book me to come to your home or... Read more

Telstra 5G Home Internet Review

Is 5G an answer / alternative to the NBN I have been using the 5G Telstra router for a few weeks and have been very impressed. Speeds can vary when using depending on: Your location... Read more

iOS15.4 Is Out Now

Apple released iOS 15.4 today as well as updates to macs , apple watches and apple tv. So what do we need to know about iOS15.4 as it is a big update. Here are some... Read more

Junk Email – Why Do I Get So Much

People always wonder why their email address receives junk email from unusual sources such as Bitcoin. The big issue is that most email accounts have been breached in cyber-attacks on companies that you would have... Read more

Here’s What You Need To Know Before Windows 10 Support Ends In 4 Years Time

The measured rollout of Window 11 for eligible devices has begun! Don’t panic if you are still using Microsofts’ older Operating Systems though, whilst Windows 7 has been sleeping with the fishes since January of... Read more

Are You Using More Than One Antivirus Program?

I’ve talked about Cybercrime, Cyberattacks and Cybersecurity more than once. If you’re at all familiar with me, either on radio (or perhaps I’ve come to your home for a tech support visit), you’ll have heard... Read more

Chrome OS Flex Could Be The Answer For Old Computers

Chrome OS Flex is a cloud-first operating system for PCs and Macs. You will have seen Chromebooks for sale , this uses a modified version of Chrome OS that you may be able to install... Read more