Passwords – How Do You Manage Them & How Poor Is Yours

The annual list of the worst passwords has been revealed – The 25 Worst Passwords – Cnet

So how do you manage yours?

Most people are instructed to come up with a combination of letters , numbers , symbols.

So how quickly can a password be broken ?

  • An 8 digit password can be broken by a computer in under 13 minutes.

So how do we make a secure password that we can remember and that will struggle to be broken.

If you were to put 3 words with no relationship and capitalise one letter in each word and add in a number between one and a symbol between the other you are well on your way.

For example: Suzuki-Microsoft1-Coffee

You make it 3 words you can remember with a number and a symbol.

If all this is too hard you may want to try password software:

Then there is 2 Factor Authentication for your online accounts 

Here’s Everywhere You Should Enable 2 Factor Authentication

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