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I am constantly asked questions about photos and devices ( cameras , smartphones , tablets ) , so here are the top questions I am asked.

How do I import photos in Windows ?

When you plug in your device , Windows should see your device and give you options to import.

This should work with smartphones / tablets – Apple devices – Android devices along with cameras that you plug in.

I have always found that ” Import pictures and videos using Windows ” is the best but depending on the software you will be given several options.

You also get the option to tag and import into a folder that you can designate.

When you have decided on the location and details just hit the import button.

If you open up ” Autoplay ” in the Control Panel you can designate the default import software such as ” photos ” in Windows 10

How do I import photos on a Mac ?

When you plug in your device , Photos or the older iPhoto should recognise your device and offer to import photos.

You can also use ” Image Capture” located in the Applications folder 

Plug in your device , start Image Capture and then select the pictures you want to import.

How do I import photos from an Android Device ?

Google handle this very well and here is a full list of how to :8 easy ways to transfer photos off your Android smartphone

What Apps can I use on my devices ( smartphones , tablets )

  • Google Photos ( my favourite ) – Google Photos Help a set and forget way to back up your photos
  • Dropbox / One Drive

Editing Software For Photos

The best value for editing photos for top end photographic effects is Adobe Photoshop which is available with Adobe Lightroom for just $9.99 a month with the Creative Cloud subscription.

If you are looking for something not as heavy duty , try Adobe Photoshop Elements

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