Playing DVDs On A Computer – Beware Of Regions


Many people play DVDs on their computer but DVDs all have region codes.

Region codes are encoded onto DVD Discs as well as some DVD Players. If the region of the Disc and Player does not match, the DVD Disc will not play

The Regions Are:

  • REGION 0 : Worldwide
  • REGION 1 : Canada and USA
  • REGION 2 : Europe, UK, Japan, Middle East, South Africa
  • REGION 3 : South East Asia
  • REGION 4 : Australia, South America
  • REGION 5 : Africa, Russia, Rest of Asia
  • REGION 6 : China

So to watch DVD’s from other regions you need a multi-region DVD player which most on the market are.

However with a computer this is not the case as on both Windows and Apple computers they are locked to the region so if you play say Region 1 on a Region 4 drive , then swap from Region 1 to 4 and back again then after a designated number of plays you will be stuck with a particular region.

So what do you do?

On both Windows and Apple computers use VLC for playing DVDs which will play whatever region the DVD is.

After installation go to Autoruns in the Control Panel on Windows and set VLC to be the default player for DVDs

On your Mac

Apple -> System Preferences and choose “CDs/DVDs” in the Hardware section. Choose “Other Application” from the respective popup menu button. The list is alphabetical, so VLC will probably at the bottom end of the list.

For more details go to :

How to make VLC the default player for Windows and Mac

VLC can be downloaded for both Windows and Apple computers.

Author: Adelaide Techguy

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