Printers – You Can Have Issues

Printers – people do have issues – especially with connections to their computer

Is your printer on Wi-Fi and not connecting to your computer – it needs to be on the same Wi-Fi network as your computer and you will get some brands that do not like the 5GHZ spectrum for WiFi – also make sure your computer is connected to Wi-Fi.

Try turning your router off for a minute then back on – you really should do this once a week

The disc that came with your printer – throw it away as they are usually out of date when they leave the manufacturer

Head over to the website of the maker of the printer and look for the Web Installer version then download and install and you will get the up to date software and drivers for your printer on your computer

On Windows make sure you select the default printer – through the control panel

On a mac – if it is not seeing the printer the icon will show orange – just delete the printer and add it in again

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