Put A DVD On Your Computer

We have all had a DVD or a video file that we would like to store on a hard disk , iPhone or iPad , or make a backup copy ( especially if you have children).

This is not a promotion for piracy as you should not copy what you don’t own.

HandBrake  is a free video transcoder. HandBrake will get the video from a variety of sources, including a DVD, and a DVD image, and grabs audio from sources as well, including MPEG audio tracks. 

You’ll can then output this digital file in a variety of formats, suitable to play on many devices and you can even select individual chapters.

Handbrake  is extremely customisable for it’s output.

If you want to learn more about HandBrake  check out this article from Maclife

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The companion piece of software to HandBrake  is VLC  which will be needed to be installed along with Handbrake

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  1. LOVE Handbrake. I ripped all of my DVDs to my iMac years ago. It immediately simplified watching all of my media. I can airplay to my iPad and AppleTV from the computer – with just a press of a button. No more missing or scratched DVDs – no more leaving the discs out after watching them. No more buying DVD cabinets!

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