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Don’t let your guard down at Christmas time

  • Scammers are posing as representatives from the Australian Communication And Media Authority and its Do Not Call Register
  • They will ask how many nuisance calls you are receiving then will offer a device they claim will prevent all unwanted calls and that it only costs $170 for installation and this can be paid in installments by credit card
  • This is designed to get your credit card information and there is no device , just hang up
  • Do not give your credit card information to companies over the phone unless you positively know who they are
  • This is another variation on the Microsoft calls where they will offer to fix your computer remotely once you have paid up to $300

What To Do When You Get Back On Your Computer After The Christmas Break

  • Check your windows updates first , optional and automatic as many optional ones will trigger off automatic ones
  • Do this before you check your emails as Windows update is your first line of defence as more email infections occur after a holiday break when our defences are down
  • Treat emails with great suspicion and as a reminder the Cryptolocker virus is out there infecting computers and Australia ranks third amongst the top 10 infected countries
  • Cryptolocker will infect your computer via clicking a link in an email saying a parcel has not arrived , please confirm your details on the attachment etc.

All About Cryptolocker

Clean Your TV The Right Way

For all those people that have picked up a tv in the sales you maybe wondering the correct way to clean your tv.

You should follow 5 principles

  1. Don’t scratch it
  2. Don’t damage the optical coating
  3. Don’t let fluids enter the internals
  4. Don’t crack the screen or the pixels beneath it
  5. Leave it dust , spot and streak free

You need a feather duster to remove dust ( do this once a week ) as dust rubbed in can scratch the screen and 2 Microfibre cloths , one for damp initial cleaning and one dry one to finish it off

Cleaning A TV The Right Way


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