The Signs You May Have A Malware / Virus Infection

Some people will put up with their computer running poorly without ever realising they could have a malware / virus infection. 

However malware is also designed not to be noticed but you maybe able to recognise the symptoms that might be caused by malware.

So what are some of the things to look for to see  if you have a virus / malware infection. 

Windows update does not work

  • Try running windows update manually , go into start , all programs , windows update and then try and run the updates that are available. 
  • If you get error messages that they did not install or windows update checks for updates and never gives you a result ( just keeps on running ) , then you are probably infected.
  • Virus / malware infections will close down windows update as they are designed to access vulnerabilities in the windows operating system and windows update is designed to patch vulnerabilities. 

System restore will stop working

  • You will be unable to take your computer back to an earlier time

Pop ups and mystery programs will appear 

  • Programs will appear that you have never installed such as registry cleaners , bogus back up programs , tool bars . 
  • Toolbars that will not go away. If you can’t turn off the toolbar or uninstall it 
  • Home and search pages change. If these pages change and you change them back, but your change doesn’t last, something is running that you have to stop.

So what can you do if you are infected ?

Virus Malware Removal

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