Smartphone Repairs – Questions You May Need To Ask

Smartphones can be damaged or require repairs and you will shop around to get a quote to establish how much it will cost but you may need to ask a few questions and check after you get your smartphone back. When you have got quotes from a few repairers including the makers of the smartphone and you decide to get the cheapest quote , ask , are you about to get what you paid for

Are they an Apple authorised repairer if it is an iPhone.

Do they have any experience in repairing your brand of smartphone

Do they have experience in replacing a screen on the latest iPhones / smartrphones

Once you have got it repaired – check your phone before you leave

  • Does Siri work – does Google Assistant work ?
  • Does your microphone work ? Make a call
  • Remove your case and make sure your device has not been damaged with glue etc

If the phone does not work can they rectify it – will be the next question

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