Smartphone Storage

Smartphone storage is critical for people especially if you are starting to run out.

So what do you do if you are running out of storage on your smartphone whether it is an iPhone or and Android smartphone.

First :Delete the apps you don’t need

Next :Look at what is filling up your phone – odds are that it is photos and videos

On the iPhone if you have an iCloud account – and you really should – pay for the extra storage – go from 5GB to 50 GB for $1.49 a month

You can then turn on the optimise iPhone storage which will then put your full resolution images in the cloud that you can download at any time and condense your photos into appropriate sizes for your iPhone , this will save you lots of space.

On an iPhone and Android smartphones you can also install Google Photos if you have a Google account which will backup all your photos and videos for free.

Once backed up it gives you the option to remove the photos from your device – this will clear up room and you always have your photos with the Google photos app.

On an Android phone don’t use those cleaning apps

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