Smartphones – Ever Though About Wiping It & Starting Again

Smartphones we have them for a few years we update the operating system we update our apps constantly and we put up with the issues that can sometimes occur.

So what would happen if we reset our smartphones and started again fresh, not just reinstall the backup , but truly start fresh.

What would the results be :

  • Probably a better battery life – when i did this from the iPhone 11pro to the iPhone 12 pro after being disappointed in the battery life of it fixed the issue.
  • Less issues with apps
  • Probably gain some storage
  • Less issues when browsing

So what do you make sure you have backed up before doing this ?

  • Photos – use Google Photos or iCloud Photos
  • Contacts
  • Calenders

In fact any key categories you use.

Apple: turn on iCloud backup , this is a snapshot of mine

Android : Use the Google backup which is in the settings

Make sure you know your Apple ID user name and password and your Google / Gmail account for Android.

Follow the prompts in the settings on your smartphone to reset it , login after with your Apple ID or for Android your Gmail address and then only install the apps you need.

Then check your smartphone for operating system updates

You should notice a difference.

If you need assistance with this please Contact Me

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