Smartphones – How Many Years Will They Update For?

Apple still leads the pack of software upgrades, with most iPhones receiving at least 6 years worth of iOS updates. Apple doesn’t state the number of years an iPhone is supported with the latest software versions but I’ve seen devices as old as the iPhone 6S (2015) get the “New iOS update is now available” pop-up this year.

Samsung are racing to catch up, promising 4 years of OS (Operating System) updates and 5 years of security updates. Googles’ Pixel 6 offers a commitment to 5 years of security patches but not OS updates. Other Android manufacturers will no doubt eventually have to follow suit.

This is great news for you, the user, hopefully allowing a longer ownership of your electronic devices, with more reliable consistent software support they can be utilised for longer, access the most recent features and have general improvements to it’s security.

It’s also a boon for our home planet, reducing e-waste of the tech gadgets that are overflowing our landfills every year.

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