Sometimes The Router Can Infect Your Devices

Your router can infect your computer , smartphone and tablet.

I recently saw a client that had tried 2 other places to get the pop ups and malware from their computer cleared.

They delivered their laptop to me and I kept it for 2 days and gave it a clean bill of health after fixing all the issues that the others had left behind.

They collected the laptop took it home and two days later called me and said everything had returned. 

This time I went to their home and then they explained that they were also having issues with their iPad and smartphones as well which were experiencing browser hijacks , numerous freezes and messages saying they were infected and that maybe they should have told me that before ( they had explained to the other two )

I reset the browsers on the portable devices , hooked all devices up to my portable 4G wifi solution and there were no more pop ups etc on any device , which meant the infection was coming from the router and every time they accessed the internet it would infect all the devices.

I reset the router back to factory settings , installed the update and they are fine now.

If it was to continue a new router would be advisable , especially on the ones that are a few years old and when resetting make sure you do the updates.

So the lesson from this is that routers are susceptible to infections as well , keep them updated and learn how to reset them.

Author: Adelaide Techguy

Richard Pascoe is a technology consultant & technology commentator for the media on FIVEaa , ABC Adelaide , PowerFM , 5MU , 7AD and 7BU and has been seen on the Channel 7 news , Channel 9 News , Channel 10 news and Today Tonight . Richard gives his opinions on Microsoft , Google , Apple and deals with personal computers , smartphones and tablets.

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