Spotify – You May Want To Look At Your Settings

Spotify is the streaming music service of choice for many but how much does Spotify know and share about you.

According to Spotify’s privacy policy, the company tracks: 

Your name – Email address – Phone number – Date of birth – Gender

Street address, country, and other GPS location data

Login info – Billing info – Website cookies – IP address

Facebook user ID, login information, likes, and other data.

Device information (computer, tablet,smartphone) operating system, model, browser, and even some data from other devices on your wifi network.

Spotify claims this will tailor song and artist recommendations to your tastes and is used to improve the in-app user experience.

However, the company also uses it to attract advertising partners, who can create personalized ads based on your information.

Also remember, almost all of your Spotify profile’s information is public by default—so anyone else with a Spotify account can look you up unless you go out of your way to change your settings.

Go into Spotify account privacy settings and start cutting down on how much personal data your are sharing with Spotify.

Here are some links with more information:

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Finally turn off Spotify loading at startup on Windows and Mac , your computer will thank you.

If you require an appointment to discuss security and sharing on your computers and devices , please CONTACT ME

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