Stop Believing Those Phone Calls

There have been more than 13,500 reports of cybercrime from individuals and business to the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) in the past three months, which equates to one case being referred every ten minutes.

The actual figure is thought to be even larger, because the data is based on victims self-reporting.

So if you have a landline and the phone rings

  • Its not Telstra
  • Its not the NBN
  • Its not Microsoft
  • Your internet connection / phone line is not going to get cut off

We all have problems with our computers but letting someone you do not know logon to your computer is fraught with danger as you do not know what they are doing.

You just need to hang up – they will be very convincing however the longer you let them talk to you.

Again they will ask you to logon to your computer so they can prove it – do not do this

If you have done this – you need to get it scanned by an IT person such as myself to make sure they haven’t installed anything that could siphon your information and put you at risk.

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