Talk Tech – Radio Segments – W/E 31st Jan

The following are my radio segments where i cover a range of stations , subjects and questions. Read more

Adelaide Techguy On Radio – W/C 9th June – Updated

Is Facebook listening to you ? Facebook have introduced a new feature – audio recognition – that is only available in the US currently that will identify television programs and music that you are currently listening... Read more

Adelaide Techguy On Radio – What Did I Discuss – w/c 26th May

With the Velo-City Conference currently taking place in Adelaide we discussed cycling tech on 891 Drive today. Apps We Discussed Strava Cyclemeter Map My Ride Internet Problems When you sign up with an internet service... Read more

What Did I Talk About On Radio – W/C 5th May – Updated

Internet Explorer Vulnerability Microsoft have patched the vulnerability however: Were you able to install it? Did Windows update work to patch it ? If not you are in trouble.They even patched it for Windows XP,... Read more

What Did I Talk About On Radio w/c 28th April – Updated

Internet Explorer There is a new bug in Internet Explorer that Microsoft will need to patch on their update cycle that will allow computers to be infected by ” drive -by downloads ”  and allow... Read more