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What Is Malvertising ?

Love this graphic that explains Malvertising from Malwarebytes

So what is Malvertising ?

Stands for Malicious advertising that infects your computer with malware and in many cases popup ads that will not go away.

So how do you get it .You visit a website – the threats lie in the ads and these ads ( selected ones ) are designed to infect peoples computers

So how do you protect yourself – your computer from Malvertising.

An Adblocker combined with an effective antivirus solution will help combat this currently.

Internet - Browsers

Should You Use An Adblocker To Prevent Infections on Your Computer

Are you constantly getting pop-up ads when browsing the internet and malware infections , well maybe you need an adblocker.

What is an Adblocker ?

An adblocker is technology that will block ads in your internet browser before they are loaded.

Why should I install an Adblocker ?

I think from a security point of view an adblocker is becoming a must as just by browsing the internet you can be subject to malvertising 

Spreading malicious software, or malware, via online advertising networks is commonly referred to as “malvertising,” and, according to Cyphort, is seen by cybercriminals as being particularly effective because compromised ads are visually indistinguishable from safe ads.


This means that just by going to a webpage you can ” pick up ” malware from the ads on the page.

The adblocker can stop this occurring which is especially useful when you look at sites such as Gumtree which recently served up malware to visitors to their site.

Top Australian Classifieds Site Serves Malware In Malvertising Attack

Even Edward Snowden believes people should use an adblocker.

Everybody should be running adblock software, if only from a safety perspective …


In Google Chrome I prefer Adblock

However as many sites rely on payments from advertisers , remember for trusted sites , you can turn off adblocker for those sites. ( Such as mine )