Do You Need Adobe Reader On A Mac ?

Apple computer owners – Do you need to install Adobe Reader for PDFs on your mac ? The short answer is no – use Preview on the mac to do this Preview is a great program and comes with Macs and saves you from the constant updating of another Adobe product Want to learn all about the features of Preview – checkout this article from iMore – How to use Preview on Mac

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Update Adobe – It’s A Security Issue – Come And Hear Me

Adobe have again issued a critical update to its flash player as it has become a target for hackers who can take advantage of the vulnerability in the flaws in the software. This update applies to both Windows and Apple computer users. Two Adobe products that should always be updated are: Adobe Flash Adobe Reader They normally will come with automatic update reminders but many people still choose to ignore them. These reminders will appear on your desktop and should not be ignored when you are asked to update. If they are not updated it is a security risk to your computer. Running the latest version will assist in making sure that your system is not compromised by a malware infection as Adobe products not patched are a security risk. If you get the option make sure you select the automatic update feature of Adobe.

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Adelaide Techguy Radio Notes For 19th Aug – Updated

Google is Helping You Avoid Malware  Google Chrome is updating a setting that will tell you if you are about to download malware to your computer  Google Phising And Malware Alerts Internet Explorer News Internet Explorer in Windows 8 will now stop suspect Java pages running when you have forgotten to keep java up to date. Microsoft To Block Outdated Java  Adobe News Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash there are new versions as another security issue has been discovered. You need to keep them updated which can be done via the software or by downloading a new version from the Adobe website. Details Of The Adobe Issue  Adobe Reader Download Link Adobe Flash Download Link Microsoft Office 365 I briefly talked about Microsoft Office 365 last week on radio and had listeners enquire about more details.$119 for 5 licenses for computers as against $400 plus for one license You also get… Read More

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Adobe Flash – Adobe Reader – Keep Them Updated

Adobe Reader & Flash are required pieces of software for most computer users but you should always be looking for a new version especially when a reminder appears on your computer saying there is a new version. Adobe Flash is a required piece of software for most computer users but you should always be looking for a new version especially when a reminder appears on your computer saying there is a new version. When you see the reminder for installing the new version of Adobe Flash just follow the instructions and download and install. The new version of Adobe Flash has an automatic update option which will keep this updated and you should  select this option so that updates will be installed and updated without you being reminded. Adobe Reader is probably the most used piece of software for reading PDFs and you should also get a reminder occasionally saying… Read More

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PDF Alternatives , Do You Really Need Adobe ?

When it comes to opening PDF's Adobe has cornered the market but here are some great alternatives to use without using Adobe.

Fox It Reader is a great lightweight tool for reading PDFs and it's free

Cute PDF is great for creating PDFs and reading and it's free

Finally remember if you have a Google Account you will be able to open PDFs in G Mail.

Adobe has had a few security issues lately so it always pays to check for an updated version and do not turn off the automatic update checker.

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