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So You Decide To Change – Uninstall Your Antivirus

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So You Decide To Change – Uninstall Your Antivirus – how do you do it the correct way ?

You do not want any part of the old antivirus left

First you do not do it through the Control Panel with add remove programs as that can lead to remnants left and will stop your new antivirus from working.

You need to download the uninstaller from the company that made it.

I have included some links below for popular anti virus solutions.

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Removal Tool

Kaspersky Removal Tool

AVG Removal Tool

Trend Removal Tool

Avast Removal Tool

Avira Removal Tool

Then start your computer in safe mode

Run the uninstaller – let it run – it can take time

Reboot your computer – then set it to reboot normally – not in safe mode

If you want to know whether it has been uninstalled properly in Windows 10 – see if Defender is now active.

If it is you can install another one or do my preferred option – leave it with Defender

If Defender says it is not managing your antivirus – you will have to run the uninstaller again in both safe and normal mode and try again .

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What Can We Learn From The Worldwide Cyber Attack


Saturday morning in Australia we learned of a worldwide cyber attack that caused amongst other things , hospitals in the UK to be disrupted when they were unable to access their computer systems as they were ” locked out ” due to ransomware running on their systems.

Are you at risk?

  • If you ignored the March 2017 security update, where the vulnerability was identified and Security Update for Microsoft Windows SMB Server (4013389) which was rated as critical for all versions of Microsoft Windows.
  • If you have not updated your system recently, and I mean “March 2017 or later.”
  • If you are running a version of Microsoft Exchange older than 2010.

So if you’re running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, and you’ve been updating your system regularly, you are probably not at risk.

According to analytics firm NetMarketShare, only about 7% of the world is at risk for WannaCrypt right now.

So what can we learn:

  1. Patch your systems with Windows update – the attacked computers were running out of date operating systems
  2. Have a backup that can be restored after an attack
  3. Stop opening emails that maybe not for you – when in doubt don’t – if you don’t think it was for you it probably wasn’t – can i make myself any clearer
  4. Be suspicious of attachments – very suspicious
  5. Their antivirus did not save them – which once again shows that you need to rely on your actions – not an antivirus solution


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Thoughts On Antivirus Software – Think Before You Click

The first question I hear from people is ” Which Antivirus Should I Use “

So let me state software is not the only solution because people still need to engage the area between their ears before clicking or tapping on their devices.

Think before you click 

When we combine the two elements of thinking about what we are doing and software this can make for a marked improvement in device security.

There is no one solution that fixes and protects all.

I protect and use all of my Windows 10 devices with Defender and before that Security Essentials so between that and some good common-sense computing habits , such as using Google Chrome with an Adblocker , I have been well protected.


Mac Computer Not Running Well – Did You Install An Antivirus

If you are running a Mac computer and it is having issues and if you are running an antivirus , that maybe the cause.

Antivirus solutions on Macs can and do cause issues.

Uninstall the antivirus software and see if it fixes the issue. 

Remember Mac computers come with Gatekeeper which means that Non – Apple approved software will not be installed.


Should I Install An Antivirus Solution On My Mac ?

In one word …. No

Third party antivirus solutions , usually cause issues and slow the Mac down.

Mac owners should be aware that in the Security & Privacy tab in System Preferences is a setting below.

This means that unless you change it , only Apps that are Apple approved can be installed which negates the need for an antivirus.

Also remember to keep your Mac software up to date – up to date software keeps you secure.


Windows 10 – Free Upgrade Ends July 29th – Should You Make The Move

The offer to upgrade to Windows 10 ends on July 29th and after July 29th if you want to upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 it will cost roughly $179 ( depends where you buy it from ).

If you are running Windows 8 / 8.1 , I think it is a no brainer to go to Windows 10 ,which is a much improved experience on Window 8 / 8.1.

If you are running Windows 7 it really depends if you are happy where you are as it will be supported till Jan 2020 so by that time you will probably have changed your computer.

The nag to make the move to Windows 10 should end after July 29th and will probably be removed via an update.

What To Do If You Are Going To Upgrade ?

  • Uninstall your antivirus if it is anything other than the one supplied by Microsoft via the uninstall tool supplied by the maker of the antivirus 
  • Do a backup 
  • Remove any bogus programs such as – registry cleaners , “speed up my pc” programs 

What Do I Think Of Windows 10 ?

I like it now that all the issues have been worked out.

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Do You Need A Paid Antivirus Solution ?

Selecting an antivirus solution is a bit like a lawyer when you get in trouble , if you cannot afford one , one will be supplied for you.

Yes there are Free Solutions some of which I like and some I do not and ones that will let you down.

Remember that it is your actions that will cause you to get infected with virus and malware.

  • You do not keep your operating system up to date
  • You do not keep your software up to date 
  • You run an outdated operating system – outdated software
  • You browse to an unsafe webpage that has infected ads on it 
  • You click a link in an email that is fake
  • You download from “so-called ” free sites – movies / tv / software – they will invariably come with infections 

Lastly is the fact that you run as an administrator which means if you perform the above actions or just one of them that can result in infection because you were an admin you have given permission for the infection to run.

The antivirus is the last thing in the list for you , that you have done everything wrong that it maybe able to get you out of trouble.

Be aware that in many cases it will not.

On my Windows 10 Surface Book I just use Defender from Microsoft because i know what to do to not get infected.

Some will need to get a paid solution because they do a bit more but remember paid or free it is your actions that count.

More information can be found here: Virus & Malware Prevention