Phone Charging – Phone Batteries – Rumours & Fact

No 1 : If You Use Non – Standard Chargers You Will Ruin Your Battery. NO: Non – Standard Chargers, while not perfect, are ok. It is the poorly made imports sold at a cheap price that you should avoid. If you need to replace your genuine charger look for ones from legitimate manufacturers and companies like Belkin. Imported Knockoffs barely get the job done. No 2: Do Not Use Your Phone While It Charges. No: Use your phone all you want, as long as you’re not using a “knockoff” third-party charger. The reason behind this. It is believed that using a phone while charging will make the phone explode, or electrocute the user. This happened to a Chinese flight attendant in July 2013, when she used her iPhone 4 while it was charging.However, reports say it was because a third-party charger was used , not an original Apple charger. If you’re using the manufacturer-approved charger and battery, you… Read More

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