Email Scam List – What Not To Click On – What You Should Avoid

The following is a list of email subjects to avoid clicking any links on and really you should just delete them  Paypal – your account has been limited The domain name you own has a similar one in Asia ,you need to buy this  Women / men are interested in you after seeing your profile on skype / google  Parcel delivery confirm the details  Your free gadget is waiting for collection , click here  A supermarket voucher worth $35 – $50 is waiting for you by clicking and signing up  Tax refunds waiting for you  Money tailored for you  Buying stocks in African mining companies SEO experts with Gmail / address / Yahoo addresses We have 30 million dollars waiting for you Anything from the FBI Complete the survey and get a $50 gift card ( if you give them your credit card details ) Your banking password has changed… Read More

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