Channel 7 – Busting The Scammers

Did you see the Channel 7 show on scammers on Sunday night? They mentioned all the things I have been saying for years now Don’t respond to phone calls when you don’t know who they... Read more

Ransomware Was Back In The News This Week

An Adelaide businessman was on the news this week after paying $5000 to get access to his data after it was encrypted. In one interview he explained he did not know how it happened and... Read more

Do You Need A Paid Antivirus Solution ?

Selecting an antivirus solution is a bit like a lawyer when you get in trouble , if you cannot afford one , one will be supplied for you. Yes there are Free Solutions some of... Read more

What Is A DDoS Attack And Could You Be Contributing

You will hear a bit about this as a teenager in Adelaide has been arrested for supposedly conducting one. Teen Charged Over Cyber Attacks So what is a DDoS attack ? First DDoS stands for... Read more

Watch The Melbourne Cup Online

So you are stuck somewhere or cannot see the TV at a Melbourne Cup lunch and want to see the big race. Well this year thanks to Channel 7 and their online app Plus 7... Read more

Richard Pascoe On Channel 7 News – 19th June

Richard comments on the ” Adelaide Nude Photo ” website to Channel 7 news  Read more

Watch Television On An iPad

Looking to watch or catch up on commercial television on an iPad try the following apps as if you try in the browsers on the iPad they will invariably not work as the sites will... Read more