Google Chrome – Another Feature Added To Help With Malware Prevention

Users of Google Chrome will start to see a red warning page when they are about to access a page on the internet that they think contains malware. Google – More Visible Protection Against Unwanted Software While people still need Internet Explorer which is an integral part of how Windows works , Google Chrome is a superior browser that can be easily reset if things to go wrong such as change in home page , pop ups appearing. How To Reset Google Chrome 

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Don’t Click On The Links In These Sort Of Emails

Here are some examples of emails where you should not click the links in them. Remember ” If You Don’t Think It Was Meant For You It Probably Wasn’t These examples and similar emails like them are designed to steal your personal details , passwords , credit card details.

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Internet Issues – Reset Your Internet Browsers

If you are experiencing problems with your internet browsers , add ons , pop ups etc , it maybe time to reset them back to their default state. On Windows computers , Internet Explorer is an important part of making sure that things run right as it contributes to making Windows Update work properly. But what happens when Internet Explorer stops working? You may need to reset Internet Explorer to its default settings so that it begins to work again. Remember that Windows Update not working can be a sign that you may have a malware infection. So how do you reset your browsers? Internet Explorer Close all Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer windows that are currently open.Open the Control Panel , find and open – Internet OptionsClick the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. Select the Delete personal settings check box if you would also like to remove browsing… Read More

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What To Do When You Have Just Bought A New Computer

So you have just unpacked and turned on your new computer.

First follow the instructions on the computer screen until you get to the Windows Home Page.

Check the time and date on the computer

Run Windows update until they are done

Run PC Decrapifier to get rid of all the preinstalled software / trials and pre loaded security software such as Norton or McAfee that you will never use and that just slows down your computer

Install Microsoft Security Essentials if you don't want to pay for a antivirus solution or Nod32 if you want a paid version that runs quietly in the background doing an effective job.

Open Windows Explorer and turn off the hiding of file extensions and make hidden files visible.

Go to folder options

Folder options 
Then open view

View Options 
Remove the tick from " Hide extensions for known file types "

Click on the " Show hidden files, folders and drives "

Install an alternative browser , Firefox or Chrome

Then install the drivers for your peripherals , mouse , keyboard etc though with Windows 7 just plug them in and take the one's offered.

The printer drivers offered with Windows 7 are quiet good so again it is , plug and play.

You can then begin installing your software.  

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How To Clear Your Internet Browser History

Click Start on the desktop.
Go to Settings.
Click Control Panel.
Double-click Internet Options.
Make sure the General tab is selected.
Click Clear History in the History box.
Click OK when it asks if you want to delete all items in your history folder.
Click OK at the bottom of the General box to exit.

Open your browser and click "Tools" at the top of the screen.
From the sub-menu, choose "Clear Private Data."

Put a check mark next to "Browsing History" in the pop-up menu. Select any other items that you'd like to clear, such as your download history or saved form history.
Deselect any check marks next to any items that you do not wish to clear. Click "Clear.

RegistryClick on "Start" and then "Run."
Input "regedit.exe" into the "Run" text box and hit "Enter" to open the registry editor.
Navigate to the following location: HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftInternet ExplorerTypedURLs.
Click on each URL that you wish to delete and hit the "Delete" key to remove it.
Close the Registry Editor when you are done by clicking on the "X" (close) button located in the top right corner of the Registry Editor window.

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10 Steps For Virus Malware Prevention

How much time and money have you spent in having your computer repaired because you have become infected with spy ware and viruses? Spyware , virus’s , malware can be avoided if you follow some simple BEHAVIORAL rules. Remember if you get infected it is your fault not your computer’s. The first point to remember is that running antivirus software will not prevent you getting a virus. Antivirus software is there in the hope that once you have a virus on your computer it will be able to remove it. Here are 10 points to follow that should mean an infection free computer NUMBER 1 Update your operating system regularly. Turn on Automatic Updates on Windows and apply all critical updates immediately. Check optional updates on a regular basis. NUMBER 2 Update your software , PDF readers , Office , Flash  Adobe are responsible for  numerous infections unless patched NUMBER… Read More

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