10 Things That People Call The Adelaide Techguy For

I visit home owners , small business , consult to large business , offer training , give presentations and go on radio and tv to discuss various tech issues and news and give an opinion.

The following are 10 subjects that people call me for :

  1. Windows issues
  2. Slow computer
  3. Email Issues
  4. Windows training
  5. Apple Issues & training
  6. Internet Connection Issues
  7. Virus – Malware – Pop Ups
  8. Tablet Training
  9. Security issues
  10. Organise your new computer & setup your new computer

And yes let me repeat I visit home owners , small business , consult to large business and occasionally you can hear me on Adelaide radio and if you would like to see me then you can find my Details Here or just call 0419829145

Computer Security

What Is Malvertising ?

Love this graphic that explains Malvertising from Malwarebytes

So what is Malvertising ?

Stands for Malicious advertising that infects your computer with malware and in many cases popup ads that will not go away.

So how do you get it .You visit a website – the threats lie in the ads and these ads ( selected ones ) are designed to infect peoples computers

So how do you protect yourself – your computer from Malvertising.

An Adblocker combined with an effective antivirus solution will help combat this currently.

Software, Tech Advice

Stop Downloading The Mystery Solution To Fix Your Computer

Many people over the years would have looked for a program on the internet that will ” hopefully ‘ fix the issues on their computers.

These programs maybe something like:

  • Speed up my browsing
  • Speed up my pc
  • Registry Cleaners
  • Clean up my browser
  • Cookie Cleaner – internet not the biscuit

These programs will promise the world but will not deliver and your computer is FAR BETTER OFF by getting rid of these programs.

Many of these programs will also bring in malware when installed.

If you have an issue these programs will not help and for those that tried to install Windows 10 but did not succeed , in many cases it was because one or more of these programs were installed.

Windows or Apple it does not matter as many on the Apple side tried Mackeeper which should not be downloaded.

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Do You Know Your Email Settings ?

If you have ever had to configure an email account after reinstalling or when something goes wrong , do you know your settings to streamline the process.

hate to say this but most people do not.

Email settings from providers can and do change sometimes as with Telstra at the moment who are transitioning people over to a new platform ( a much better platform by the way ) .

So what do you need to know ?

  • Your email password
  • Incoming mail server
  • Outgoing mail server
  • IMAP or POP account
  • Is it SSL
  • Incoming Port
  • Outgoing Port

Just to name a few , so when you have set it up , take a photo of your settings with your smartphone and for your smartphone / tablets email settings  , take a screenshot.

Then if your email stops working or you have to reload your account on your current device or on a new device then you will be prepared.

Settings can be found on most major ISP websites.

Tech Advice

Where Should I Put My WiFi Router For The Best WiFi ?

WiFi Router placement is critical to a good wifi signal being transmitted throughout your home.

Place the router in a central location , this may mean moving your phone line as well.

When it is in the centre of a home the range will increase.

Avoid surrounding it with metal objects.

The kitchen with microwave ovens and metal fridges is not the best place. Have you noticed the Internet slowing down when you heat something up in the microwave. Microwaves operate around the same frequency as wireless routers.

Avoid Concrete Or Brick Walls

Surrounding the router with concrete or brick on a couple sides won’t help your signal reach the furthest corners of your home.

Put It Up High

WiFi routers emit radio waves, which spread out and down from their source. Mounting the router to a wall or setting it on a high shelf can give you a better signal, especially if you live in a two-story house and want a good connection on both floors.

Swap Routers

If your router is more than 3 years old or is a wireless g router , consider buying a wireless AC router , the WiFi signal will travel further and faster.

Consider An Extender

WiFi Extenders can do do push the WiFi signal further throughout your home or business

Map Your WiFi Connection

Looking to map your wifi connection in your home to see the spots in your home where the wifi spots might not be that great try the Telstra WiFi Maximiser App for your smartphone or tablet.

Telstra Wifi Maximiser App

Computer Security, Malware-Virus Prevention, Microsoft-Windows

The Correct Way To Uninstall Your Antivirus Software

So you have decided to change antivirus software on your computer or get rid of that awful trial version , here is what you should do.

Remember you need to make sure you thoroughly remove your current anti virus on your computer.

Your anti-virus solution can be uninstalled from the Programs section in your Control Panel however some remnants may remain so you should go to the manufacturers site and look for a removal tool which will remove all remnants of the software and that you should be aware that some antivirus solutions will not let you uninstall them now unless you use the removal tool.

I have included some links below for popular anti virus solutions.

Norton Removal Tool

McAfee Removal Tool

Kaspersky Removal Tool

AVG Removal Tool

Trend Removal Tool

Avast Removal Tool

Avira Removal Tool

After removal reboot and proceed to install your new anti-virus solution.


Internet Safety Rules For Your Children & Some That Adults Need To Learn

The graphic below emphasises some great tips that children and adults should be following :

  1. Don’t post something you will later regret
  2. Protect your online privacy 
  3. Don’t fall for email phishing scams
  4. Talk about and deal with cyber bullying 
  5. Behave online
  6. Have different passwords for different accounts
  7. Don’t download in app purchases unwittingly
  8. Avoid the worst places on the web
  9. Don’t become obsessed with the internet 
  10. Avoid sharing personal information online

10 Internet Commandments for Kids Going Online

10 Internet Commandments for Kids Going Online [Infographic] by the team at Pumpic.