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This Is Why You Must Back Up

I noticed the following story on Digg  ( Hewlett Packard Wipes Your Hard Drive To Fix A Broken Key ) and it highlights the fact that no matter what ,you should always back up because you don't know what may happen.
The story basically states that it is HPs policy that they format and reinstall the operating system no matter what sort of repair they are going to do. 

The poor person in the story only went in to get a key replaced on her laptop.
I recently helped someone who put her laptop in for a new keyboard and the repairer replaced:

  • The Keyboard
  • The Hard Drive
  • The Ram

She gave the old hard drive to me in the hope that i would be able to get her documents off the drive , the repairer of the laptop claimed they could not ( they did not try hard enough as i was able to recover all documents ).
Did she need her ram changed , no.
Did she need a new hard drive , probably not
When putting your computer in for repairs it pays to ask a few questions.

  • Are you an authorized repairer for the computers brand?
  • Are you going to wipe my hard drive?
  • How long will this job take?

Dont underestimate the question of time as in Adelaide there was a computer repairer that if you got your computer back within 6 months , yes 6 months , you were doing well.

Remember have a backup schedule.